Alsalamo Alikom! Welcome to our online international store. is the online store and website for the international Jordanian company, Sajeda. Sajeda is considered the largest Islamic clothing manufacturer in the world. This online outlet has been in operation since 2000 under the name and on March 2014, the website is renamed to be .

Sajeda for Islamic clothing was found in Jordan in 1988. Sajeda is a leading company in designing and manufacturing the latest fashions and models of Islamic women clothing. We are proud of our elegant designs and quality of fabrics and clothing

AlhamduliAllah, for the past fifteen years our online store has been a success. We have built an active communication system with customers all over the world. We have learned about customers' need in different countries and cultures, and we have communicated those needs to the factory. Your feedback has been our strength!

Located in Amman, Sajeda supplies its outlets in Jordan and many other countries. With a factory of over 400 employees, Sajeda is leading the way for best Islamic clothing: modest, elegant, and professional. Women attire that is modest and formal is our signature!

We are proud to offer you the best. Thank you for your business!! And Jazakum Allaho Khairan!

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