We make every effort to ship your order, door-to-door, as quickly as possible. Approximately, a shipment takes 8 working days to reach your home. As the cost of shipping is always keep rising, we obliged to change the shipping policy as shown in the below table. We are shipping from Jordan to everywhere and do not have a minimum order value, addition to that our selling prices are the same as in Sajeda branches in JORDAN.

Shipping depends on weight, the system will calculate the total weight for your order and display the shipping rate, the maximum total weight for each order is 9 kg, more than that, you should contact us to get another offer.

Shipping charges are changeable depending in shipping companies fuel charges each month, so you may find fees differ from one time to another.

Here is the table shows the shipping rates depend on the total order weight:

charge $ wt range
18 0.0-0.4
25 0.41-0.90
33 0.91-1.40
40 1.41-1.90
48 1.91-2.40
55 2.41-2.90
70 2.91-3.40
85 3.41-3.90
99 3.91-4.40
114 4.41-4.90
129 4.91-5.40
144 5.41-5.90
162 5.91-6.40
180 6.41-6.90
197 6.91-7.40
215 7.41-7.90
233 7.91-8.40
250 8.41-8.90

Make sure that your order reaches you within 6 business days, please provide your street home address and phone number-- shipments cannot be delivered to a post office Box.

Note: delays in customs, and/or legal holiday may delay arrival.

We can track your shipment from the moment that it leaves our factory until final destination. In the unlikely event that your shipment does not arrive on time, within five working days, please email us at:, so we could follow up with it and insure its delivery.

In case you reside in a country where customs are charged at entry ports, the charges shall be paid by the customer. All customs duties are the customer responsibility to take care of.

NOTE: Shipping service charges are NON-REFUNDABLE


We ship using DHL and Aramex